Buying New Homes In Spring Hill

There is one thing that is certain, Spring Hill is growing by leaps and bounds. The city stated they are making it a priority to widen Hwy 31 and that will help with the congestion on the main thoroughfare. On top of the already growing population, 2016 will bring 1800 new jobs at the GM plant and Ryder has announced it will bring in 660 new jobs to Spring Hill. What this means is that our city will need more housing. There are currently 19 new neighborhoods building new houses as of February 2016 in Spring Hill (both Williamson and Maury County). I know there are 3 more developments in the works, but not confirmed yet and these will be much needed with the increased population.

maherLet’s take a few moments and talk about buying a newly built home. In my personal opinion, building your own home is one of the most exciting times in a persons life next to the birth of a child. The home is the most expensive purchase a person can make and being able to decide how it will look is wonderful. Being able to pick the color of the kitchen, the walls, the floor, the fixtures etc. is a dream for some. When you go to shop for a previously owned home, you think about all you can change or what you might want to change once you own it. This in itself is an exciting adventure, but being the first owners can take the home buying experience to a whole new level.

It is common knowledge that when you go to a new subdivision and walk into the model home, a sales agent will greet you. This person works directly for the builder. They know these homes and all the upgrades and have a lot of insight into the neighborhood. They are a wealth of knowledge. However, they work for the builder. They want you to buy their homes.

If you are wanting to build a home or buy a newly built home in a new subdivision, I highly advise you to have your own agent with you. Having your own agent is bringing someone that knows the business and understands the process the builders agent will talk you through, but will be there to look out for your financial needs as well. A buying agent will explain the very long and tedious contract before you sign it to make sure you are not being charged  for upgrades you don’t really need or want, such as an antique bronze fixture, when you’d be perfectly happy with the standard brass. It does not cost you any money to have an agent represent you and you are not saving money by not having an agent represent you.  In fact, you will probably lose money by not having an agent represent you.

Model homes are usually built with the higher end upgrades, which can be persuasive, but can also quickly add up to increase the final cost of the home. That $305,000 base price for that model can quickly become a $355,000 home. When walking through a model home, it’s important to ask what is standard and what is an upgrade. This will help with adding up all the additional costs in your head and if it really is worth that upgrade or not. Your Realtor will be able to help you with that.

Even though these homes are brand new, you will always want to have a professional inspection done on the house. Sometimes when trying to finish a new home on time, things can get missed by the builder. The inspector will be able to determine if the house is ready or not and will save money on unforeseen repairs in the long run.

In February 2016 in Spring Hill, there are 19 brand new neighborhoods being built as you read this. They are the following:

Homes Starting in the Low to Mid $200s

Spruce Trail
Hampton Springs
Port Royal Estates

Homes Starting in the Mid to High $200s

Williams Park
Hamptons At Campbell Station
Copper Ridge
Wades Grove

Homes Starting in the Low to Mid $300s

Lasea Meadows
Laurels At Town Center
Benevento East
Arbors At Autumn Ridge

Homes Starting in the Mid to High $400s

Cherry Grove
Bridgemore Village
Autumn Ridge

There are hundreds of floor plans to choose from and if you would like to view any or talk about the possibility of purchasing a new build, please contact me at 615-801-4364 or by email at

You can also view all that are currently being built from my website.

Gerald Beckham
Exit Realty King & Associates
C: 615-801-4364
O: 615-302-3213
5075 Main St D-2
Spring Hill, TN 37174


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