I Love Real Estate

As a teenager, I always dreamt of being an architect.  I loved homes.  I loved the design of the home and creating floor plans.  I designed a few models in high school of dream homes and took every drafting/engineering class I could.

I went to a technical college to get my architecture degree, but unfortunately the perils of college and the social life took the best of me and I quit the architecture program.

After working 25 years in the IT/Marketing field, I decided to use my love for homes and my marketing ability to help people locate the perfect home.  The market is very busy here in Spring Hill, TN and I love it.  You have to be aggressive and know your market to thrive here, but is worth it.

There are so many types of homes in middle TN and I love looking at each one.  Every day is a new adventure.  From driving to a new town or new area, the beauty of middle TN stands out.

Another aspect of Real Estate that I love is meeting new people and helping them find their new home.  A lot of clients immediately state they are picky and will be difficult to work with, but I love that they know what they want.  With a little patience, we will find it.  Once you have that idea in your head of what you want and being able to match that to reality is such a great joy.

The other great part is the agents I work with.  Our office at Exit Realty King in Spring Hill is amazing and every agent is eager to help one another on all aspects of the business.  With the real estate background from anywhere to 25 years to 2 months, there is always something new to learn.

Competition:  Yes there is some competition in getting a listing, but honestly what Exit has taught me is that every agent you work with you need to treat with respect and understand you both have the same end result.  I have learned this understanding not taught across every agency, but I am glad this is the Exit Way.  It fits my personality and I am ever so grateful.

I really just love helping people and this has become my dream job.



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